Monday, November 3, 2014

There was snow, a lot of it

It was this wet kind of snow
Photo: Linda Grant, March 2014
I was having coffee when the snow came to town
And I had thoughts of just laying back down.
But I stayed and watched all through the day,
As the goldenrod bent over like new mown hay.
It started to add up about half an inch an hour,
It heavy and wet not the nicer dry like flour.
Supposed to gone all through the night,
And let up and end just about daylight.
There'll be no coffee with the other guys,
No thanks from me for the snow laden skies.

We ended with maybe 14 inches of the stuff, probably all frozen now.  I cleaned the car off about 4pm so the yard could be plowed.  Miserable stuff and the first of the season - fall didn't let us down easy.  The birches are all bent over, even some maybe 6 inches through.  It's going to warm up during the week with rain on Thursday at 45 degrees so most of this will be a memory.

1 comment:

  1. Monday afternoon, and the white stuff is a melting. Can't leave fast enough for this warmblooded guy. Hope to see ya on the morrow, if the back is willing, and my oxygen holds out.