Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Why? And not many answers.

  I went down to Bangor yesterday when I got intown I discovered there were no traffic lights and places were closed.  What a freaking mess!  Stop and go, BUT most drivers cooperated.  The City of Bangor Forestry Department has its work cut out, there are trees uprooted, trees broken off at different levels, and some are split.  Electrical Companies are working long, hard hours to restore power but I think this morning close to 100,000 customers are still out.  We here in Levant (only 7 miles out of Bangor are mostly lucky).
  Why is it that only passenger cars have owners that clean snow off the roof?  I saw some dangerous things waiting to happen.  I drove over the remains of ice and snow that had slid off vans, trucks or all sizes and trailers.  Did any of those go through someone's windshield?
  Go forth and vote!  It's important.

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