Tuesday, December 23, 2014

As the crow flies

The shortest way there, that works for me,
whatever else could there possibly be?
I don't want to walk from here to the moon,
I just want to get there.  And very soon.

Why do they build all these sidewalks like this?
What could be possibly wrong? Shortness is bliss.
It doesn't matter if we cross some guys lawn,
why that son-of-a-gun would be better if gone.

I'll just go ahead, one little bit don't matter!
If I can't go the shortest way, I'll be mad as a hatter.
I know you're not supposed to go that way,
but what can that property owner possibly say"

It's human nature, this thing "desire path",
we'll go out of the way to cause someone's wrath.
It as the crow flies or it's no way at all,
just another path so the human race can fall.

Desire path.
Photo: www.ubagram.net

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