Thursday, January 31, 2013

C.C. waterback and one Tequilla Sunrise

Rum runners caught, their "crop" destroyed. - click to enlarge
  That title may or may not fit the subject - Prohibition, but it is about the effects of alcohol drunk by Mr. Jones and Mr. Haggard in song.
  Prohibition in the United States was brought about by a group of religious organizations, mostly Protestant Churches and also the Womens Christian Temperance League.
  As an aside when I was in the little school in North Lebanon, Maine the local WCTU women, Miss Mary Worthly and her sidekick/secretary/companion (and maybe lover) would come "teach" us a lesson every year.  Whooo-boy! Talk about boring people.  It's always been good for me to have an imagination.  In other words I wasn't impressed.
  Anyway the 18th Amendment to the U S Constitution prohibited the Manufacture and Sale of Alcoholic Beverages.  It was not against the law to drink,  the law was aimed at making it nearly impossible to drink.  There were "medical prescriptions" given by doctors to some people that made it possible for them to buy the stuff.
  The idea failed in 1933 when the "free market" took over the manufacture and sales.  Please note that during Prohibition some people who "imported" alcohol made a fortune, while other suffered the consequences.
Smashing a still in Seattle. - click to enlarge
A medical prescription - click to enlarge

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