Monday, January 28, 2013

Does Fort Worth ever cross your mind?

  That George Strait song written by Sanger and Darlene Shafer is an apt title for todays piece.
  About two days before I got sick, three of us where waiting for McDonald's to open when a pickup truck pulled in the lot and let out two Amish young men, they were twins.  They were down from The County and waiting for the bus to Boston.  They were taking the train to Minnesota to visit family.
  That brought Paul to talk about train robberies and Jesse James, and Robert chimed in about the Dalton Gang.  That got me talking about how I thought the Dalton Gang had been caught and finished their career in Coffeyville, Kansas.  I was wrong the Dalton boys had been in that town to rob the bank, but not caught.
  Now, you're asking what does all of that have to do with Fort Worth.  Well hang on I'm getting to it.
  Thinking about Coffeyville and Kansas got me thinking about the cattle drives to the rail heads for Texas.  Then the Chisholm Trail and then Fort Worth - where the whole thing started.
  So I had to read the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and I noticed a photo gallery about a recent stock show.  Stock shows usually mean cows/cattle and I like to see nice cattle so I looked.  Here are some of what I found in the old Star-Telegram.

  Beautiful and useful animals, interesting too.  Just not cattle, but these critters serve as lookouts for herds, guards for sheep and provide fiber.  Useful indeed, and in Fort Worth.
  And by the way; those Amish men had always thought Billy the Kid, Jesse James, the Dalton Gang and others weren't real people, we did teach a lesson there, so us old geezers are useful too.

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