Friday, February 1, 2013

Surfs up!

Surfs Up, the Beach Boys sang it; Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks wrote it.  I wonder if this is what they had in mind.
Garrett McNamara ride a large wave. - click to enlarge
Photo: Getty Images
  Garrett McNamara is a surfer from Hawaii, always looking for the "big one", so he went to Portugal.
In the Atlantic Ocean lies the Nazare Canyon near the coast of Portugal, the 1000 foot deep, three mile wide Canyon stretches 105 miles.  The Canyon serves as a funnel when it receives swells it makes waves, big ones.  McNamara went at this time of year when waves often exceed 70 feet.  He was looking to ride a 100 foot wave, it's not sure if he found it.  He did ride one wave that was 78 feet high for sure, and maybe the big one.
Riding the 78 foot wave. - click to enlarge
Photo: AP
Ready for takeoff - click to enlarge
Photo: AP

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