Sunday, January 27, 2013

Picking a new team?

  You know, the Red Sox aren't going to do very well; at least that's what I think.  Maybe I should pick a new team.  How about one of these?
Well it won't be the New Orleans Pelicans, that may be the new name for the basketball team in that city.  Is that a good basketball name?  I didn't think so.
How 'bout them Biscuits?  This is baseball?  The Double-A team in Montgomery, Alabama is/are the Biscuits.  Complete with a pat of butter!
  The University of California Santa Cruz has teams that are call the Banana Slugs.  Probably they'd run too slow to be good at sports.  Besides there are a lot of salt shakers in the snack bar! Oh no!

  Well I can't decide, maybe it'll be the Red Sox anyway, they do have a new manager, and a whole bunch of new players (that's what makes me nervous).  We'll just wait and see; in the meantime I think I'll make a batch of biscuits.

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