Monday, February 25, 2013

More about middle America

  Maybe I've figured out the photo thing, of course it will change again in a few days, never leave well enough alone; that's how things are done on the World Wide Web - just an opinion.  I made another visit around the USA newspapers, I'll share what I saw today and tomorrow.
A screech owl family, Mom is sleeping, 3 young ones awake. - click to enlarge
Photo: Phoebe Janzen via The Wichita Eagle
  The 50 best Reader Photos are still posted on the Wichita Eagle website.  I must say that area has some very good amateur photographers, again that's my opinion.  Yes! I'm aware that many other places do too.  I like the owls at lot, I've very rarely seen one, but used to hear one while on my early morning walks.  Those walks seem like a life time ago, but I am working my way back.
In Rocky Mountain National Park - click to enlarge
Photo: Amelia Doyle via
  Amelia is 15 years old, and she just thought other people would enjoy this view. It's a beauty, melting snow make for fast water.  Miss Doyle was traveling with her family to Colorado a neighboring State.
Wheat Cemetery - click to enlarge
Photo: Laura Bergman via
  The wheat field is tight against the fence of an overgrown cemetery in Kanopolis Reservoir, Kansas.  Great photo of one of the chief crops of Kansas, and a sad reminder of many forgotten family cemeteries.

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