Friday, March 1, 2013

Phillipine pulp wood or beautiful tree?

A Rainbow Eucalyptus tree - click to enlarge
Photo: WikiCommons
  Very interesting.  Eucalyptus trees, a broadleaf evergreen, are known to have shaggy, shedding bark, they usually look like they're peeling away.
  On this particular species the new bark is green and the older dark turns orange, red and maroon as it ages.  Native to the southern parts of the Pacific Ocean it grows wild in the Philippines, and is known as a Mindanao tree.  It is also grown in plantations to be used as pulp wood for the manufacture of paper.  Useful and beautiful, this is a unique tree, at least to me.
In another view - click to enlarge
Photo: WikiCommons
Higher up (will not enlarge)

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