Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Tom Lantos tunnels; a story too

The location - click to fully enjoy
Photo: Ken James, Bloomberg News
  On California Highway 1, a most beautiful ride, just south of the San Francisco area you will find the area called The Devils Slide.  It's called that because the land is unstable and sections of it fall into the ocean on occasion, endangering the highway.
  The problem has been talked about for years and years, finally the project was started and is now in the final finishing stages.  Two tunnels bored through the hills connected by two high bridges over the valleys are ready for traffic.
  Personally I've ridden or driven that stretch many times in the past on the way to Half Moon Bay and a small beach.  The oceans actions are so strong there was always a pile of small rocks in my swim trunks!  I really enjoyed the place.  Here are photos of the work in progress.
Portals on the south end. click to enlarge
Photo: Eric Risberg, AP
The tunnel interiors will be well ventilated, and fire safety areas will
be available. - click to enlarge
Photo: Eric Risberg AP
Work in progress on one of the two bridges - click to enlarge
For more information try, Yahoo News, or just search Google News for the Tom Lantos Tunnels.

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