Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Waterville? again?

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  First a little background; on Sunday I asked for ideas and Darlene said "why don't you write about the cheap day trips with Hollie?"  I replied that trips with Hollie weren't cheap, but at her suggestion that I leave out money spent at Staples, I found that she was right.  I'm a cheapskate and a good one too!

  When I picked up Hollie for a regular monthly visit she wanted to go to Augusta, so I suggested Waterville which is 20 miles closer, and it still has a Staples.  She has changed somewhat I think, now it's just laminate the stuff and get out of town and go home.  Maybe the upcoming "vacation day" will be different.
  We got to Waterville went to Wal-Mart and bought one CD, a Willie Nelson because it's his 80th birthday - there's always a reason folks - for everything.  We continued on to a Hannaford supermarket in search of a certain magazine, which we didn't find.
  On to Staples with eight project (a project is a laminated picture), then it was time to eat.  We usually eat "breakfast for lunch" because places are still serving breakfast when it's our lunchtime.
  I took her across the river to Winslow, specifically to go to Big G's.
The place
Photo: Big G's
  Big G's got it's name because everything is big! Big!  If you were to go for lunch, a sandwich would be about eight inches square and be very thick.  Breakfast of an omelet and home fries is served on an oval plate because it's too big (10") for a round plate.  It was the first time in recent memory she didn't eat everything.  The food was great and she did buy a whoopee pie for later, they're about five inches across - big.
Try one for size, Big G's sandwiches.
Photo: Big G's
Tomorrow I'll tell you about what happened after I got home.  You won't want to miss it!

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