Monday, October 7, 2013

A slow day or was it?

A view in Dixmont, Maine - click to enlarge
Photo by Linda Grant
  Yesterday was kind of a slow day.  We made a short trip to Dixmont to see how the color has progressed, we may try again in a few days.  We stopped at Mainely Apples for a bag of Spencers which are now being picked, they are a "late" apple, and delicious if you like a real crisp apple.
  The two unarmed bandits, Chet and Parker, still do not communicate with each other or with anyone else.  It's too bad that they don't talk to an adult.
  The Pirates won the baseball game I watched, and the Patriots played like some kind of "misfits from outer worlds", what a terribly horrible game.  We also watched some of the golf.

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