Thursday, October 10, 2013

Another day down, and something good too

The East St. Albans, Maine Public Library - click to enlarge
Photo: by the geezer hisself
   We took a little ride yesterday to Saint Albans.  Maine not Vermont.  We ate at the Sunrise Restaurant and Bakery, plain food and good.  We drove over the Causeway to Birch Island just to check things out.  And, if you can imagine, we drove home.  And we planted tulips and daffodils.  My wife went and got some pine spills (pine needles) and insulated the peonies and bulbs, as well as the neighbors blueberry bushes.
  Meanwhile, in Washington, nothing happened except more table pounding, loud-mouth garbage, in a word Nothing.
  And, also meanwhile, here in Maine the ever-lovable Governor Paul LePage, or LePlague declared a Civil Emergency because of the Federal shutdown.  Now he can override State laws.  Watch out!

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