Thursday, October 24, 2013

Number one

From Facebook
  The Boston Red Sox took care of business and won game one.  Don't get too excited because it's only one win, a team needs four wins.  I have no doubt that Boston will prevail and win the World Series; but that's only my opinion.
  How about the PPACA (Patient Protection Affordable Care Act) Computer software?  I remember here in Maine a few years ago the State bought software for MaineCare (Medicaid) billing and nothing worked right, providers didn't get paid - it was a full blown mess.  There is a similarity of the two.  Governments seem to have a problem picking a contractor that knows what to do, the Request for Proposals may be written badly, or the contractor may not understand English.  I don't know.  This glitch will cause untold problems and probably will never work as intended.
  Rant over.  I realize this is day two with mostly the same subject.  I object to the way this problem is being handled.  Wilbur I hear you buddy.

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