Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Should I use a different label

Coos Canyon, Swift River in Byron, Maine
Photo: Maine Tourism Bureau

  Well, there's one location in Maine where you can pan for gold.  Good luck with that!  But, people do find little bits.
  The World Series starts tonight, after my bedtime unfortunately.  The Red Sox "could have" better pitching than the Cardinals.  See quote marks.  It will be a six game affair, winner unknown to me.
  I'm wondering if I should use a different label, that song starts up every time I type Ram... then it fills automatically, or do I need "professional help"?  It's probably too late for that anyway.
  If you've been following the Affordable Care Act software fiasco are you thinking like me that the United States Government should have been able to find a competent contractor to build a web site?  On the other hand, probably it went to the lowest bidder; who turned out to be a fourth grader.  Yep!

1 comment:

  1. Gogi. a first grader could have done better and the taxpayers would not have had to spend
    600 million. These people in the government are complete idiots.