Monday, October 21, 2013

Rambling fever

Along the Kenduskeag, Bangor Maine - click to enlarge
Photo: Linda Grant
  I tried that title today because right now I've got that song playing in my head.  I think it was Merle Haggard that sang it - but I'm not sure.  The singer had Rambling Fever in his soul, that would make him my equal.  That's why I made a career of the Navy, I got to ramble a bit then.
  Before I was married, and I was in this country, I used to hitchhike some weekends just to see what was there, places like Pismo Beach (California) or Cannon Beach (Oregon) or even Salt Lake City.  I wouldn't dare to hitchhike into Bangor now, too dangerous. Times change and we change with them.
  Funny spellcheck gave "countersunk" as a replacement of Kenduskeag.

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