Sunday, October 13, 2013

Once upon a time....and then there was..

Barracks, NAS Alameda, California c1960 - click to enlarge
Photo: D&S Dvorak
  Well it's Sunday and the Oakland Raiders will play an avowed enemy the Kansas City Chiefs.  I won't watch that game but it brings back some fond memories of the Raiders early years when they used that grass between these barracks as a practice field.  Old Wilbur and I lived in the wing about 5 from the right in the "top" row.  The building in the middle was the mess hall, chow hall or dining hall depending on which language you speak.  That's the Oakland Estuary and the City of Oakland in the background.  The really large building in the foreground (bottom) was building 5, an aircraft overhaul facility.  The base is now closed and abandoned.
  It was closed by the same government that's now hard at work on closing and abandoning itself, and that's an international shame.  It doesn't matter which party you prefer they're all in the game.

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