Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Standoff, standstill


Photo by Gordon Chibroski, Portland (Maine) Press Herald
  A rolling stone gathers no moss.  That's what we were taught.  What we didn't know, weren't taught and never dreamed of is that Congress is no longer a rolling stone, they're gathering moss.  They are in danger of dying and dragging us, screaming, behind them.
  The latest from the House was a plan to implement the budget for a short while, but left in a "rider" that would stop the Treasury (Executive Branch) from changing which bills would be paid.  The object would be that the Constitution action for the Executive Branch to pay the bills - would be at a standstill.  The President (in charge of the Executive Branch) could be Impeached for not doing his duty.  The House would easily, in my opinion, impeach the President, the Senate in the trial that followed would find "no action necessary" so the President would remain in office.  The Republicans could then brag that the last two Democrat Presidents had been impeached.
  I have said that some action is better than no action, maybe I was wrong.  Or, maybe Congress could suffer the consequences of their actions, and let the voters decide next election.
  Which ever way of doing things you, the reader, prefers remember, and I'll quote Red Green, "we're all in this together."
  My personal hope is that some compromise can be found and the Country can go on it's was unimpeded by politics - fat chance.  You should also know that 80% of my income comes from the Federal Government, I don't want it to fail.  I hear you Wilbur.
Photo by Gordon Chibroski, Portland (Maine) Press Herald

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