Thursday, October 17, 2013

Partially over, for a while

Sens. Reid and Schumer looking happy after vote to re-open government
Photo by Jim Loscalzo/EPA
  So all we the citizens have to celebrate is that three months from now we can all go through the same bull shit again.  Is bull shit one word or two?  That question is more important than what these two yokels are happy about.
  On a kinder note, I am glad that at least they talked about things, maybe found out how to change a law (PPACA), and who knows - maybe they'll make that program workable, but I'm not so sure.
  So some of us know we'll be paid for three months, then we'll wait again.  This is not the correct way to conduct business.  There has not been a budget passed in the "regular" way in nearly five years, Congress can and should do better.  Politics, even local, have become so polarized that it just makes running state and national legislation nearly impossible.  People need to be a bit more moderate in their thinking.  Just my opinion; I'm old and remember Ike and Margaret Chase Smith, they were my kind of Republicans.

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