Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Cartoon from the Great Depression drawn in 1931 by Chester Garde
  You see, now the Senate thinks they have a deal.  Thinks.  It would pass a budget for THREE WHOLE MONTHS!  It would also approve a debt increase for four months.
  Now you have to realize that when we were using typewriters I could type almost 100 words per minute on a manual machine.  So what Congress is doing is saying "I can type 100wpm, but today
I'll only type two"!
  Salaries for our 538 members of Congress for one month is over 2.8 million dollars, by my math, and for almost five full years have done nothing!  NOTHING!
  We have seen, time after time, Congress refuse to pass a budget, a President who refuses to approve a budget, and Congress, who has the authority to pass the budget, won't override the Presidents veto, we have a handful of people on each side who hold up the progress of the whole.
  I've had my say for the day.

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  1. I have never seen more dead beats in my life, congress and the guy that lives in the WH are a disgrace to this country. Worthless bunch of bas--------s. Wilbur