Thursday, January 30, 2014

Hard to believe and other stuff too

How snowplows used to look, a "V" plow
Photo: Portland Press Herald
  I put this photo (top) up because while watching the goings on in Atlanta (that's the hard to believe part) I thought about on storm when I was a kid.  I don't remember the year but between '47 and '53, I think, one storm with a lot of snow and wind left a drift by our house that the plows couldn't get through, even a larger State plow like the one in the photo.  It ended up that men on snowshoes shoveled some off the top before the plow got though.
  Now on to Atlanta.  It's awesome what a half inch of ice and two inches of snow can do when a whole state is unprepared for it.
  Now on to more "blue eyes".  I've been closely watching more commercials; so now I notice that when someone is "smart" or makes good choices (the stuff the ad wants you to buy) they are likely to have blue eyes!  When a "bad" choice is made the old brown eyes are shiny.   Somewhere in this great land and Ad Agency Exec has blue eyes!  Also pay attention to the "Life Lift" ads, notice the "new person" has darker or hair with more color and slightly a different "do".  No surprise there.
Linda's Blue Swallowtail - some color in winter to remember warmer times
Photo: by the geezer hisself

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