Saturday, February 1, 2014

Greater is gone and an Owl is fixed

Photo: Nicole Miller Adelaide Zoo
  Greater, the world's oldest Flamingo has died at the Adelaide Zoo in Australia.  The bird had reached the ripe old age of 83!  That's a fairly old age for most animals, including humans, except for some parrots and turtles.  Greater was the last Flamingo in the country (Australia) and had been brought there in 1933 from a German zoo.
  A Snowy Owl in Washington DC was hit by a city bus, the bird had flown in looking for food.  It is not known why the bird chose the city because most owls hunt in the country side.  At least he/she was fortunate to have been under the care of a vet.
Snowy Owl on a building ledge, Washington DC
Photo: Manuel Blace Ceneta, AP

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