Sunday, January 26, 2014

Magnet or Charter? Which school for you?

At Fiddlehead Academy or Arts and Science
Photo: Seth Konig Bangor Daily News
  Charter schools are described as alternative schools - they appear to be, in Maine, the same as Magnet schools in that they tend to have a core purpose of one subject matter.  I don't know how other states assign a Charter but here they're public funded this way:  The State has always had an amount of money as a standard for each child.  Grades K-6 may be $2500.00 and 7-12 may be $4000.00 for example.  If a student in Levant wants to attend Fiddlehead Academy the school in Levant would pay $2500.00 to the Fiddlehead Academy.  That's because the Charter schools students may be from a number of communities.
  The subject matter at the schools differ widely, but there are only a handful of Charters in Maine.  I think the "bully pulpit" of Governor wants it that way so he can actually try to run something.
the Baxter Academy for Technology and Science sticks to STEM subjects.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  The Magnet School in Limestone, which is a state school, not a Charter school has nearly the same purpose.
  The Maine Academy of Natural Sciences has a core of Agriculture and Forestry as subject matter, both this School and Baxter are for grades 8-12, or 6-12.
  There are two K-6 schools too, Fiddlehead and Cornville Regional Charter School, these two teach traditional subjects but in a manner the uses small groups, if I understand that correctly.
Maine Academy of Natural Sciences at Goodwill-Hinckley

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