Friday, January 31, 2014

More charter schools, virtual this time

A student at home.  One sort of virtual school.
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  Maine has started a proposal that would include two virtual charter schools.  I have questions, a lot of them, about those particular schools.  Maine Virtual Academy would be run by Virginia based K12, Inc..  K12, Inc. has been investigated by at least four states for using unqualified teachers, for not preparing students for basic testing, and possible several other things.
    Another proposed school, a brick and mortar school, would be the Lewiston-Auburn Academy, it would be associated with a Turkish imam Fethullah Gulen, a Muslim religious leader from Turkey, but states it would not be a religious school.  There is a concentration of Muslim peoples in that area.
  Lot's of questions, not many answers, yet.  As the process continues we'll learn more, and I will be watching closely.
Students in a "virtual classroom"

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