Friday, January 3, 2014

Hercules? Really?

Cleaning up at Bangor City Hall - click to enlarge
Photo: Kevin Bennett Bangor Daily News
  Big Whoop!  There is some snow here this morning, about a half inch of blowing stuff.  I know along the coast and down in the "big cities" where it's flat there is more snow.
  Can anyone tell me why in the world "winter storms" now have names?  That must be one of the dumbest things I've even encountered.  I suppose that the ones that started  the names must think it would scare people.  Even the local weather people on TV try hard to out do others by screaming about death and destruction.
  Guess what?  It's winter!  Yes it's -11 and the wind chill is -35, it's winter!  It's winter in Maine, things like that happen.
Left overs on an ornamental flowering tree, little icy - click to enlarge
Photo: Kevin Bennett Bangor Daily News

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  1. I just declared 2 Feb as a holiday that is because it is my birthday (76), well we are
    warm this morning but wait until this afternoon. Wind chills sunday and monday are
    going to hit 60 below, the temp around 30 below. Happy New Year and happy to
    live in ND as long as you stay away from the oil country trash. Wilbur