Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Say? Ain't that a holiday?

  Yesterday was a busy day.  I left the house at 3:45AM and had coffee, drove people places, shopped for myself and went to a noon meeting.  I arrived back home about 1:30PM and went to the Post Office.  The damned place was closed!  Is new years eve a federal holiday?  If so, since when?
  It seems like people are so hard up for time off that they invent these "holidays" so they can't possibly do their job.  Bullshit!
  Carrying that message forward I did make a comment on a new article today that was "tasteless".  Someone made a comment on an article about a restaurant closing that he "ate their frequently", that prompted me to write a reply asking "what does a frequently taste like?".   I've never tried one.
  Happy New Year!  I am having a problem now with MS Money, it's dropping entries, so my spreadsheet wasn't a bad idea after all.
  Now, go forth and do something, anything.  Hell call it a holiday!

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