Saturday, January 4, 2014

I didn't know that!

Cleaning out in winter, Portland Harbor Jan 2014
Photo: John Patriquin Portland Press Herald
  It's cold here again this morning at minus 19 degrees (still air), some North Dakota weather I guess.  From watching the national news at 6:30 last night I learned that it's unusual for it to snow in the winter.  Later I learned that there are quite a few people who have never heard of Advil; with all of the advertising they do I'm sure there can't be many left.
  So we're left with people who didn't know snow was normal.  People who never learned to drive in snow, yes it can be miserable.  People who are so uninformed they don't know about common products.  Maybe they should watch more TV.
  In closing; RIP Phil Everly, he died last night at age 74.  The Everly Brothers gave my generation something to sing about!
Waiting for warmer weather
Photo: John Patriquin Portland Press Herald

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