Sunday, January 5, 2014

Like it or not.

  It's 6 degrees this morning at 3:30AM.  It's the first above zero morning in eleven days.  Of course Wilbur in North Dakota is still in well below zero weather, which is kind of normal there.  It's always been kind of normal here to.
  A good hunk of North Dakota's population was in Frisco, Texas yesterday watching the North Dakota State University's football team win the National Championship for FCS colleges.  Nice.  It was really a good game and I'm sure the people in Fargo are happy too. 
  I'm thinking that some of those people came from the Moorhead, Minnesota area too since the two, Fargo and Moorhead are kind of "twin cities".  Doyle Schultz came for Moorhead into the United States Navy back in the late 1960's.  He was one of my "right hand men", a damned good worker and smart too.  Well, anyway, Go Bison!

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  1. Thanks for the Go Bison, this will probably be the last of the dynasty as the coach
    and his staff are moving on to Wyoming and 24 seniors are going to be gone. We
    will see what happens; but it was a good run. Stay warm the winter has just
    begun. Wilbur