Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Looking ahead and something got done

Ain't no 'splaining to do here, you can click to make it larger.
  First, something got done!  Janet Yellen's appointment was approved by the Senate as the new head of the Federal Reserve Bank.  She has been there for a long time and is very qualified.
  Next, looking ahead.  The mid-term elections are this year, 2014, the will be a true test of peoples faith in the current administration.  Already tainted by the Obamacare snafu's, Democrats are looking at losing seats and the majority in the Senate is not large, at all.  Historically only 48 percent of voters turn out for mid-terms, and the party that holds back is?  The party who has the presidency, The Democrats.  Not looking good for the D's.
  If we look further ahead since 1860 only two times were the Democrats returned to power.  Lyndon Johnson and Harry Truman, BUT, both of whom were "incumbents" because their predecessor died in office.  Not looking good for the D's.
  As a disclaimer; I am a registered D.

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