Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Why blue?

From Ocuvite commercial
  I have brown eyes, and in one eye I have macular degeneration.  The product Ocuvite is a combination of vitamins and lutein and another drug that is good for the eyes.  I buy over the counter lutein and save money.
  What bothers me, this is silly, are the commercials on TV for the products Ocuvite and Restasis.  All commercials for those products feature people with blue eyes, bright blue eyes, eyes so blue they put the rest of us to shame.  To top it off the women featured in the Restasis commercials are amazons; tall, athletic, almost bigger than life.
  What's up with that?  Shun them go brown.  Go brown today.  Follow this link to hear Rosemary Clooney sing "Beautiful Brown Eyes"


  1. We were always the best of Buddies and I have blue eyes, brown eyes never
    bothered me ; but I really feel sorry for you being a registered democrat, I JUST
    think they are destroying this country; but to each his own opinion. Wilbur

    1. But, remember I don't always vote democrat. In fact this year I will not vote for any incumbent R or D, and yes I'll be voting for the next president and that will be an R!