Monday, May 5, 2014

Camp Lawton - digging for answers

The Memorial
  Located in Millen, Georgia Camp Lawton was a Confederate Prison Camp for captured Union soldiers.  The camp was built to reduce over-crowding and violence at Andersonville.  It occupied 42 acres nearly adjacent to Andersonville. 
  Opened in 1864 Lawton was used only briefly by 10,000 prisoners, of which about 3000 died, mostly of starvation.   The men killed and ate rats, and boiled grass in water to prevent survey.  The conditions were horrible.
  Students  at Georgia Southern University are now digging through layers of history at the site, now occupied by a State Park and Fish Hatchery.  The students finds many objects like buttons and coins, along with the other things that made up living in such a place.
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for more information, it's an interesting read.
A two tine fork used by prisoners.

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