Friday, May 9, 2014

Home on The Range

Time lapse of stars over the Home on the range
Photo: Bob Rader and Beccy Tanner, The Wichita Eagle
  In 1872 Brewster Higley built this cabin in Kansas, he loved his little home just as much as he loved Kansas.  He later penned the words in his poem "Home on the range".  Set to music is now serves as the State Song of Kansas.  The pretty little song is sung around the world now made popular by Gene Autry and other film cowboys.
  Back along I illustrated each verse on paper with ink and included the drawings with the lyrics on a 3 foot square of paper board and posted it outside my office at Brewer City Hall as part of a "let's do some art" thing.  I have a liking for the little song too, hear it here as sung by Gene Autry:

You can finds the lyrics by searching "Home on the range, lyrics"

The cabin in 2014
Photo: Beccy Tanner, The Wichita Eagle

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