Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The "Tool Man" of Liberty retires.

Skip Black in his shop Liberty Tools - click to enlarge
Photo: Gregory Rec Portland Press Herald
  Liberty Tools is a landmark Maine business.  The owner Skip Black is the owner, the picker who buys the tools, and the sales guy too, a very busy man.  Mr. Black has also decided it's time to retire, so he is selling out his stock.  The stock comes from yard sales, auctions, estate sales, a family selling out or some other places.
  Every morning before the business opens there are cars lined up in front of the building in this small town, and people just waiting to get in and look for a needed tool, or just browse.  Skip also has a good sense of humor with drawers labeled "nuclear waste" or RLT for Rusty Little Things, that sort of thing that lightens the place.
  Read more and view the video here: http://www.pressherald.com/news/For_Liberty_man__the_tools_are_the_trade_.html
Small stock in drawers
Photo: Gregory Rec, Portland Press Herald

A customer browses the stock
Photo: Gregory Rec, Portland Press Herald

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