Thursday, June 19, 2014

Customer made an error @ customer service.

I am guilty - click to enlarge
Illustration: Nick Galifiankakis
  Well, well, well.  Here's "the rest of the story".  Yesterday I tried to send a text message and it was denied because there was no money in my telephone account.
   There had NOT been a payment made, we (me and the telephone company man) were wrong; no payment had been processed.
   I went on line to the company and attempted to "manually" make a payment, no good.
   Here's the answer.  The bank has recently replaced my debit card with a new one that's more secure.  The new card has a new expiration date and security code (those 3 numbers on the back).
Once I set up payments with the new information all was almost right with the world.  I still made a manual payment, but the phone company processed the payment too.  I'm all paid up until August!

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