Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Wal-Mart and the minimum wage

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Source: Oxfam America
  Why doesn't Wal-Mart support an increase in the minimum wage to the suggested $10.10?  Somebody at Wal-Mart knows, but isn't talking.  The raise would cost Wal-Mart two billion dollars, that a huge amount.  On the other hand if those workers spent the increase at the work place as many of them already do Wal-Mart would earn an additional $13B in sales!  So why is this not happening.
  When you read about an increase in minimum wages, there's a million reasons pro and con.  Would there be a loss of jobs?  Yes, but only in a few areas where more people earn minimum than not.
  On the map here please not that Bentonville, Arkansas is in western Arkansas where there is a high percentage of people who earn minimum.
  Just a thought.

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