Monday, June 16, 2014

Fathers Day, Red Sox and a cast of thousands

  I enjoyed Fathers Day, Hollie called promptly at 8:00AM as I kind of expected, although I spend Saturday morning with her because it was a "special occasion".  We went for a short ride to look at two fields of lupine, always a treat.  And I got my favorite pizza at the Levant Corner Store (AAAA).  Jon called on his way home from work, he's a little bit tired but he'll recover nicely, he's a good man.
  The Red Sox lost in 11 innings, and there's a story there.  Everyone wants to be a "hero" and hit a home run to win the game!  Let me explain:  everyone is not capable of hitting a home run!  It's that simple.  David Ortiz can hit a home run, but even he tried too hard.  He would swing at a snake crossing home plate, he's get too anxious!  And he fails, he fails to hit the ball or the snake.  The whole team quit because not everybody can hit a damned home run.
  The cast of thousand were the spectators at the U S Open at Pinehurst, North Carolina.  The winner a young man from Germany was hounded by idiots yelling "USA, USA".  Why?  Just because they're idiots!  Plain and simple.

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