Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Customer Service call at Customer Service

Ted Goff cartoon
   On Monday I received a message on my cell phone.  The automatic payment had failed.  It failed because on Sunday, the 15th was the due date, my bank was up grading it's computer system.  The phone company did not try again later.  I guessed they "didn't try later" because they have about 13 million accounts (a guess).
  The message said to call *611, and I did.  Because I'm deaf whatever I was told at *611 didn't make sense.  It may not have made sense if I could hear well either.  So...on Tuesday, yesterday, I went to the local office of that cell phone provider for help.  The Customer Service guy said he'd call the big Customer Service office located who knows where - it's a large national company.  He couldn't get through.  He asked a co-worker if they had a special number for Customer Service, the man replied "no, this will be your longest day, ever".
  While he was waiting for someone, anyone, to answer my phone got another message that the account was paid!  They did try again two days after the first attempt.  I thanked the man and shook his hand.
Randy Glasbergen cartoon

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