Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cross if you dare

Cape William Moore Bridge, Alaska
Photo: jkc916/flickr via Yahoo.com
  This bridge crosses an earthquake fault.  The cantilever bridge is only anchored on one end.  In the event of an earthquake one end is free to move or swing so the bridge will not collapse.  I'm guessing is you were on that bridge you'd be safe.  On the other hand.....
The Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnels
Photo: Corbis via Yahoo.com
  This bridge is twenty miles long, it has near the middle two one mile long tunnels.  The tunnels allow shipping to continue in the Norfolk/Newport News area to continue; that includes many Navy vessels too.
  I crossed this bridge in about 1974 (?) when it was only a two lane affair, lots and lots of large trucks and scary.  Now there is a second two lane structure so it's probably a lot safer.  A friend still drives on it and reports that the 65 mph speed is enforced (you must drive 65mph).
  The bridge connects southern Virginia with the Eastern Shore, or the Delmarva Peninsula that contains parts of Virginia and Maryland and the State of Delaware.
  Go to:  
https://www.yahoo.com/travel/scariest-bridges-in-the-usa-98128430882.html  to read and view more bridges that are scary.
  As a follow up to the blog about the luxury train (sometime back, I don't keep track) watch the train as it arrives in Portland, Maine.

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