Saturday, September 27, 2014

Early in the morning, that's when things happen.

  This past Wednesday morning something happened that I was going to write about on Thursday, but for some reason I didn't.
 I got to McDonalds about 4:35AM to wait until they opened.  I meet my coffee buddies and we talk
outside while we wait.  Then it occurred to me that I'd be alone, or so I thought, because one of them was in Virginia and the other had a medical appointment.  So I waiting in my car.
  It was dark no parking lot lights or signs were lit, and inside the crew was working with just a few lights up front, the rest of the building was dark.
  Then, as usual, a car come in the lot and drove to the "to go ordering" place, no lights nothing lit up, they waited for a couple of minutes.  It happens often, it's almost like they think the lights will turn on and dancing little people will sing Let Me Take Your Order Please, sort of like a Disney movie. Then he drove around the building and parked in the handicap
parking where he didn't belong.  Walking to the front door he read the hours the place is open and
gave a kind of dismissal wave with his hand.  Then he saw me sitting there.
  He walked over and told me they were closed.  I said I knew that, I was just waiting for my girl friend to get out of work.  He asked me what time she got out.  I gave him my best blank look and said  "eleven!".  Off he went.

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