Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Mixing Religion and Politics. Yes or No?

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Illustration: The Pew Research Center via The Wall Street Journal
  Do you favor a Priest, Minister or Rabbi telling people how they should vote?  Yes, I know some already do, regardless of putting their churches in jeopardy of losing a tax-exempt status.
  The question should be "do you favor churches paying federal income taxes?"  In that case, yes by all means.  But, I'd still take them out of the election process.
  It appears from looking a the chart that more Republicans are more in favor of church involvement.  I'd say that the Evangelical Christians are more in favor, but the affiliation is not on the chart. 
  I'd take a very strong NO stance on this subject.  Personally I don't thing churches should have a say in anything except the "religion" part of what they're there for.  Feel free to use the comment section.

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  1. HI gogi I do believe in GOD and when they want to take it out of prayers nthat pisses me off as you know I am very conservative