Friday, September 26, 2014

Helicopters train to save lives on the water

Flying over Pushaw Lake
Photo: Ashley Conti, Bangor Daily News
  The Army National Guard 126th Aviation Medevac Unit was training recently over Pushaw Lake in Old Town Maine.  The Unit is based in Bangor, Maine.
  The crews practiced three types of rescue.  Using rescue straps which is possible when a person isn't too severely wounded and can wrap the straps around himself.  A floating litter can be used if the person can flop in to it and a 30 foot ladder can be used.  The ladder hangs from the UH-60's door and a crewmember descends the ladder and hooks in injured person to the ladder and flies to land or a landing platform with the people on the ladder - that's a last resort.
  All three types were practiced during the day long training.  There are times when an injured hiker needs to be hoisted and/or flown to a hospital and the Army Guard has always been willing to help.
The Blackhawk crews spots the target, it's near the left edge of the photo
Photo: Ashley Conti, Bangor Daily News

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