Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fixations overrule directions

Oh my, the Hollie Day fun,
went off without a hitch, well only one.
She needed to have a fixation fix,
and the ride to Presque Isle was not in the mix.

No, down to see Gram was what she stated,
but her management skills are way over rated.
It was evidently true that she wanted a hat,
that was the truth, it's much more than that.

So off we did trundle into the day,
of a great southern trip, we would make hay,
a stop in Waterville, for Tim Hortons you see,
it was a free doughnut day, how much fun can that be? (really good)

Then into WalMart, there's a new CD out,
well they didn't have it, but no need to pout.
Onto the highway, the I95,
that is the way that we did drive.

Next stop was in Biddeford, a good Target store,
and guess what? The CD we did score! (and it was on sale, first day out)
then to the holy Staples for the fantastic,
layering of paper in hot sheets of plastic.

Then on to Sanford, to see Grammie Grant,
she handled it well, no reason to rant.
The visit ending with a handshake, no kissing allowed,
she did really well, and she made me proud.

Time now for lunch, it's ten in the morning,
we dropped in on Wendy, without any warning,
Then, you may guess, she found some new paper,
the need to laminate grew greater and greater!

Back down to Staples, that Biddeford great,
and by all that was holy she did laminate.
Then it was time to go on route one,
now in summer, that is great fun.

There was an accident, up there, up ahead,
traffic was stalled, the whole line went dead.
but the cops and the firemen were there in a flash,
and redirecting the traffic, these guys earn their cash.

We got to South Portland that historic place,
the first home to Hollie, we drove through in haste.
On to the next great holy shrine,
out to Portland Head, where the famous light will shine.

She spotted the hat, and with vision unseen,
by God they had one! It was even lime green!
We had to buy it, simple as that,
to the head of a princess, the high holy hat!

But Dad..she talked, and often she did,
I wished on that, she would put a lid.
I found one more, oh Dad it's so great,
please find a place to laminate.

We stopped in Augusta, and a good Target store,
we found President cards, she needed one more.
George Washington commissioned the place,
for the great light to shine on our human race.

He "built" the great light on Portland Head,
to keep all the sailors from ending up dead.
To him went the honor, being glued to a sheet,
along with a postcard and into the heat.

Another great project, oh, one of the best,
on Hollies Maine wall, I'm sure it will rest.
For supper and Meds then on our way home,
it's been hours and hours, I'm worn to the bone.

But we made it back happy and oh so proud,
to all that would listen she said aloud,
thanks Dad for the trip, I had a good time.
She went to her house and I went to mine.

So if you are planning an eventual trip,
don't talk to Hollie, she won't give a rip.
To her what's important aren't places, you know,
it's all in the process, laminating we go!

Be kind to the critters, an to one another,
maybe that kitty is somebodies mother.
Don't let them go hungry, it's easy to fix.
Just add purple buttons into the mix.

Have a great day!

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