Monday, July 20, 2009

It's fixed...... my mind, it's not just a scare;
Red Sox management, just doesn't care.
I'm not writing about it any more today,
not a happy camper is enough to say!

Anyhow, today is a special day,
Hollie's on vacation, we're going away.
Not very far, and just for a while,
today, you see, we'll be in Presque Isle!

Oh, we'll see WalMart and Staples, she'll have a great time,
she'll spend all of her money, then start on mine.
We'll go to Houlton too, Mardens is there,
then go to lunch, heaven only knows where.

We have a great time, Hollie and I,
driving the county, under blue sky,
we'll see the windmills up in Mars Hill,
potato fields, broccoli and even more still.

By the time we get home, and all settled in,
and we remember just how far we've been,
tired and sleepy and ready for bed
then we'll remember, the great day we had.

So be kind to others, and they'll be good to you,
and of all the hungry, remember a few,
share of your bounty, please don't be quitters,
push the big purple button, and feed those critters.

Have a great day!!

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