Saturday, July 25, 2009

The rain in Spain......

.......may fall on the plain,
but in Maine it's a real pain.
I wish it would stop. Just go away,
and leave us a nice dry day.

I managed to walk around town,
with an umbrella and a frown.
And then walked some more,
in a large store, but who's keeping score.

Yesterday was "give blood day",
every eight weeks so they say.
But my finger sticks were a fail,
No iron, guess I'm to pale.

Today, Saturday, is another,
date with the child of her mother.
She wants a new magazine, a book,
some polish, and plastic to cook.

Oh, the girl always has plans,
they don't concern pots and pans.
Her "cooking" plans are her dreams,
of tens of laminate machines.

The projects she'll do,
well, it's just a small few,
shes says as she's busily pasting,
photo to paper, no time is wasting.

Be at Staples at nine on the dot,
I mean, she may have a lot.
People who work at that store,
turn the heat on the machine for sure.

They know when she walks in the door,
there will be "projects" galore,
they'll get them all done,
but Dad, it just one,
so, you see, there's always one more!

We hope you have a great day,
please take care of pets that now stray,
push the big purple button for sure,
'cause meals are needed and more.

Have a great day, or weekend, or whatever this is.

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