Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Puerto Rican Thanksgiving

Patillas, Puerto Rico - click to enlarge
  Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth territory of the United States, the people are born with USA Citizenship and vote for their Governor, but can't vote for USA President, they do have a non-voting Representative to the US Congress.  And they celebrate Thanksgiving.
  Start with the Pavochon (turkey) stuffed with Mofongo, and the turkey is roasted.  So what is this Mofongo?  Well, it's plantain, a kind of banana - it's the reddish brown one in the supermarket, mashed and cooked with garlic and spices.  Then we could have Arroz con gandules, a Puerto Rican version of rice and beans.
  I have been watching some of the college basketball tournament the Puerto Rico Tipoff.  It looks like a nice place to go to the beach, above, but I don't think at my ago I'll go.
  Thanks to Darlene for the new subject suggestions, I can always count on her.
Mofongo photo

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