Friday, November 16, 2012

It's just an idea

Where we live, near the center (up) the two buildings
this is an old satellite photo (1999) there are 8 buildings
now, we live in the first one. - click to enlarge maps
  Just an idea is right, nobody lives in a place that's not seen from space, and more often than since 1999 has this place been overflown by spacecraft.  A lot of these fly overs in rural areas like this one were done for the Department of Agriculture on the federal level.  If you were to go to Google maps and pull the little man down you can get a more current view of our surroundings.
  I really don't have any idea of what to write about any more - not a clue.  I'm picking up new glasses today maybe that will help.
  I could write a political review (highly possible in this State), but it would tick some people off, while others laugh.  I don't want to tick anyone off.
  But I do have an announcement.  I walked over five miles yesterday for the first time since October 15th (one whole month), a long recovery for a geezer I think.  The walking is really good for me, it's cold outside but I've got warm double-knit wool mittens that work really well.
The rocks in Rangely Plantation, you can see them from space too,
I misplaced the photo tho.  - click to enlarge
An original geezer pic

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