Monday, November 12, 2012

The use of color to organize, or, How I arrived at....

Color to organize - you can click to enlarge if you want to
  How I arrived at that title gives some insight to the way I think.  Here we go:
  I had been laying awake in bed for maybe 10 minutes, I was thinking about the names men call their wives in Maine.  The Old Girl, Mother or even by her given name.  That thought brought to mind the
couple that used to do my audit at The Salvation Army.  With them, she never used his first name, she called him "dad", I suppose that came about by raising a family of 4 children and all of them calling him "Dad".
  Now you're asking "what the hell does that have to do with color?"!!  I tie it in this way.  The first time that couple came to audit me, the books hadn't been looked at by other than my self, or the former two people who held the title Business Administrator, it had been maybe 3 years.
  As you'll notice in that photo up there I still use color, I still use Microsoft Excel to organize too.  Those work sheets track my eating habits and my walking distance.  The sheet is color coded because the Nurse who works with me gets a copy by email each week and I wanted to make it easy for her.
  Now back to the story.   The title contains the word "ramble" does it not?  So, I'm rambling.  The Salvation Army bookkeepers don't use green ink. Period.  Well...not knowing that I was happily using color to organize my work, that included using green on some  Petty Cash records.  Bad and naughty are the words that were used, with good humor too.
  After that I had an audit every year, by the same couple - retired Salvation Army officers.  I continued to use color but always saved the green pens or markers for them.
  So.  That's it.  I only had to think of what men in Maine call their wives and there's a whole 'nother story.  Interesting, the human brain.

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