Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Little or nothing

  This is number 1261, I've been doing this longer than I intended, but we'll just go on.  I noticed that fewer people read the blog when I write about airplanes.  I take it that there is little interest in planes, with the exception of Wilbur and I, who earned a livelihood while working with the things; planes were good to us.  Planes are also hard to forget, every time we want to hear what you say it's a struggle.  My hearing continues to get worse I was told during an appointment at the VA Clinic in September, and my hearing aids were adjusted accordingly.  Yesterday I noticed that the hearing has seemed to take a rapid drop in my left ear - it may not be the case and I'm the last one to be sure.
  Anyway maybe the plane stuff will go the way of my hearing - they're both closely related, believe me.  There are many, many subjects to write about I just can't always think of one.

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  1. Well Gogi, planes were our living, I enjoyed
    all aspects of supporting the fleet. I retired
    in 75 and in 85 I had the privledge fo going
    to Fallon, Nv. and we started Naval Strike Warfare Squadron, when I arrived there we had
    no aircraft when I left the command we had l0
    F-18's and training pilots from the east and
    west coast. Maintenance and all support personnel were retired Navy or had served in the
    Navy or Marines. Wilbur