Thursday, November 15, 2012

First Snow

Geese in Bangor - click to enlarge
Photo by Linda O'Kresik/Bangor Daily News
  We had a little snow but I've already forgotten when, about a week ago I think.  So the first snow always gets written up in the paper; mainly because people forget how to drive.
  After that a few days later we had a couple of days in the sixties and now we are back to 'normal'.  It's in the twenties in the mornings and up to about 40 in the afternoon, once the sun kicks in.  But I'm still walking in the early morning so it's a bit chilly - had to get my mittens out yesterday.
  That's about it, an eventful time if ever that was one, 72.3 percent of all registered voters in Levant voted on election day; that's a good turnout.  Now, next election won't be a Presidential year so the turnout won't be as much, maybe 45 percent.
Eddington man. - click
Photo Gabor Degre/Bangor Daily News

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