Thursday, November 29, 2012

In or out?

Some people back in to parking spaces, most don't.
Or is it half and half?
Photo: Kasey Crabtree blog
  When I park I drive in to the parking space.  On a separate subject: I drive in to the space, not into the space, there's a difference.
  Anyway, why do some people back in every time, every season and, I suppose, every day of the week.  Is it because they always have a weak battery and need a jump to get started every time?  Is it because they used to it, because they are truck drivers?  Or, is it just because some people, me included, like to be a little different?
  I have no answers, only questions.  If you have the answer why people park the way they do, please leave a comment.  There are three photos today, the last one is :)
Never use the corner spot in a parking garage, never. photo Jeff Koterba editorial

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  1. For a quick get-away, in case the wife is getting to close for comfort. Wilbur